"There is a strange-making in much of Dajani’s work, a way of making perfectly ordinary things seem quite strange and extraordinary. Such work leaves the viewer feeling touched, moved, disturbed - leaves him or her with a whole complex of emotions and desperately wanting to know more. Most of my wondering is about Dajani’s falcons. I have never seen stranger or more beautiful photographs of birds than his."

John Wood, Photographic historian, poet & editor

Born in England, Dajani spent his formative years moving between the Middle East and Europe, gaining an appreciation of different cultures and traditions.

A passion for art and music lead him to explore various outlets for creative expression, until he eventually settled on photography, gradually establishing himself and developing a distinctive style that resonates with truth and emotion.

While Dajani’s work is contemporary, he is a purist by heart, and combines intellectual depth with classical realism.

Dajani resides in Galicia, north-western Spain, where he pursues new projects and runs photography and photogravure print workshops.