About me

Born in England to a Palestinian father and an English mother, I spent my early years moving between in various countries in the Middle East and Europe. This gave me a deep appreciation and understanding of different people and cultures, which is reflected in how I view and try to make sense of a sometimes confusing and often contradictory world.

Earlier in life, I was drawn to music as an outlet for creative expression. Once I realised that I wouldn’t be the rock star I earlier had visions of I humbly settled on being a photographer.

Over the years, I learned my craft working both as an artist and as a commercial photographer for advertising and design agencies, based in London, Stockholm and Dubai. I gradually found a style that I felt comfortable with which I felt spoke with the truth and emotion that I was seeking.

I now live on an organic homestead in Galicia, north-western Spain, with my wife, and our four-legged family of Arabian horses and Saluki dogs. I continue to pursue new art projects, exhibit regularly and run a few photography and print making workshops.

Limited edition prints of my art work are available to buy online or through a few galleries in the Middle East and Europe.

What others have said

"There is a strange-making in much of Dajani’s work, a way of making perfectly ordinary things seem quite strange and extraordinary. Such work leaves the viewer feeling touched, moved, disturbed - leaves him or her with a whole complex of emotions and desperately wanting to know more. Most of my wondering is about Dajani’s falcons. I have never seen stranger or more beautiful photographs of birds than his." ~ John Wood, poet, photographic historian & editor

“Tariq Dajani is a photographer and printmaker. He is mostly known for his poetic portrait studies of the Arabian horse and the hunting falcon. Beautifully observed and mastered, the work displays intellectual depth and classical realism. It is contemporary while invoking something of the European Masters.” ~ Barbara Rowell, gallery owner, Jacaranda Images

Online print shop / courses and workshops

Arabian horse and falcon print shop www.horsefalcon.com

Solar-plate etching and photogravure printing www.etching-photo.art

A Zen approach to photographic practice www.zen-photo.art

A few links about my work

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"A thing of beauty", by Matthew Teller

"Tariq Dajani's Arabian Horses", by Jack Lowe Studio

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"Photographic Studies of the Arabian Horse", Horse Times magazine

Caballo Árabe magazine (in Spanish)


2019 "Kitāb Al-Filāha", Casa Árabe, Córdoba, Spain

2019 "Hikāyāt (stories)", Jacaranda Images, Amman, Jordan


2018 Impact10-Encuentro. International Printmaking Conference & Exhibitions, Santander, Spain


2018 "Kitāb Al-Filāha & La Alpujarra", Casa Árabe, Madrid, Spain


2018 "Drinkers of the Wind - the Arabian horse and the hunting falcon", Showcase Gallery, Dubai, UAE


2017 "Kitāb Al-Filāha & La Alpujarra", Biblioteca de Andalucia, Granada, Spain


2015 "Kitāb Al-Filāha", Jacaranda Images, Amman, Jordan


2014 "El Asil y El Noble", KasserRassu, Marbella, Spain

saqr 01.jpg
saqr 03.jpg

2013 "Saqr - the hunting falcon", Gallery One, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2012-13 Photography Open Salon, Arles, France / Penang, Malaysia


2011 "Saqr - the hunting falcon", Jacaranda Images, Amman, Jordan

2010 "Playground", Lumas, Köln, Germany

2009 "Above Wadi Rum", Jacaranda, Amman, Jordan

2009 "Asil - the Arabian horse", The Empty Quarter, Dubai, UAE

2009 "Three Dimensions", National Museum of Bahrain, Manama, Bahrain

2008 "Arabhästen", Galleri Hippo, Stockholm, Sweden

2008 Creek Art Fair, XVA, Dubai, UAE

2008 "Asil - the Arabian horse", Zara Centre, Amman, Jordan

2006 "Mind", EURO RSCG, London, UK

2005 "Capture", AoP Gallery, London, UK

2003 "Skin", Galleri Z:e, Stockholm, Sweden

1999 "Edge", AoP Gallery, London, UK

1994 "Freedom Now", Photographers' Gallery, London, UK


2011 International Color Awards, Honorable Mention

2010 Campaign Photography Awards, Dubai, Specified Category (1st Place)

2009 International Color Awards, Honorable Mention

2007 International Color Awards, Fine Art Category (1st Place)

2001 AoP 18th Awards, London, Personal Portrait Award

2001 John Kobal Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London