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With DTP you will spend less time on technical matters, have fewer expenses on materials and have more time to be creative. There is

  • no vacuum frame
  • no transparency film
  • no stochastic screen, no Stouffer tablet

  • no need to calculate 2 exposures

  • and no problems with trapped humidity or particles

My approach is to keep the technical aspects of plate-making as simple and economical as possible without sacrificing image quality. I prefer to put my focus and creative energy into the act of making art - not being a technician!


Section 1 - DTP

  • Install the Quadtone Rip (QTR) driver and DTP file on your Mac/PC

  • Plate preparation for DTP printing

  • Print a step-tablet directly to an A6 plate

  • Make several UV light strip-exposures

  • Process and print the plate

Section 2 - Calibrate the plate

  • Determine the UV exposure and

  • Determine the Photoshop adjustment layer.

You will use a single A6 plate/print and your own eyes - no densitometer, scanner or other hardware/software

Section 3 - Miscellaneous notes

  • Principle of UV light and ink density on photopolymer plates

  • Inks and paper

  • Photopolymer plates - general

  • Press blankets and pressure

  • Inking and wiping

  • Digital image file processing in Photoshop

For the course, you will need

  • Some knowledge of Photoshop and basic printmaking skills

  • An Epson ultra chrome UC ink printer with matte black MK ink that can print to poster-board

  • My instructions are for ready-made photopolymer plates (Toyobo and Jet). While the process should also work for dry film photopolymer plates, the preparation of the plates needs to be done first. For info on dry-film polymer photogravure contact David Kachel.


Course Options

  • Online DTP Course

    Comprehensive, affordable, at your own pace
    • Indefinite access to using this course, no time limit
  • Plus Online Support

    2+ sessions of 'live' support, as needed to resolve issues
    • This can be added to the above course whenever needed
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