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Do you provide international delivery?


Yes, prints are sent globally. I am not responsible for customs taxes or any other complications with deliveries to the country you live in. If there are any such issues, your print could be delivered elsewhere and collected personally. Some customers choose to do this.

How will my print be delivered?


Your print will be placed in a protective sleeve and carefully rolled up in a hard cardboard tube. Prints are normally delivered by registered postal service. This has proven to be a reliable method to safely deliver prints worldwide.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes. You need to notify me by email within 1 week of receipt and then have the print returned in perfect condition within 2 weeks of receipt. I will refund you the full amount minus the cost of delivery and a 15% admin fee. After 14 days, I cannot offer a refund.


To date I have not had anyone request a refund, which tells me that the buyers have all been happy with their purchases!

How long will it take for the print to arrive?

Once you have placed an order, it will normally take up to 1 week to prepare the print, plus another week or more to arrive, depending on your location.

Will my print will arrive safely?


I have delivered prints worldwide and have never had any problems with damage. However, if your print does arrive damaged, you need to notify me by email within 1 week of receipt.

As it is a limited edition print, it needs to be returned. This needs to be done within 2 weeks of receipt. The damaged print will be replaced with another print from that edition and delivered to you at no extra cost.

Can I order a framed print?

Framed prints can be fragile and costly to deliver internationally, so prints are normally delivered unframed, rolled up in a hard tube.

(Note: I do have a few framed prints for sale in Dubai, Qatar and Jordan. Contact me if you interested in this option.)



Depending on taste and space, there are a variety of framing materials and styles that you can choose from. Framing can be minimal in classic photographic metal or wood or more ornate, as shown below.

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