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My story with Arabian horses started many years ago...

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Later in life, Arabians came to play an important role in my life in both a professional capacity, as I devoted many years making portrait prints of them central to some of my work, and in a personal capacity, as I became an Arabian horse owner - or perhaps I should say 'guardian', for who can own the spirit of one of these magnificent creatures.

Astride our horses - with my cousin Salim Dajani on the left

My story with Arabians started in Jordan circa 1978. I was going through some old pictures and came across this: my first ride on an Arabian horse.

The young, dappled mare that I am sitting on was called Bride of the Night (or عروس الليل in Arabic). She was a beautiful horse. Straight back, long legs, sleek and fast, built for desert speed. She was inquisitive and intelligent in nature, kind and gentle with the inexperienced rider on her back.

I was told to get up and go. So I did! I trusted her completely, and she rewarded me with that trust.

Many years later, I would have my own Arabians, and I still do. I returned to Jordan and went to see my cousin Salim, who had inherited his fathers stable of purebred Arabians from the Spanish Abha lineage. Two of his wonderful horses came into my possession and a few years later my wife and I brought them with us to Spain when we moved here.

But... this elegant young mare was my first experience of how special these horses are. She was the first!

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