Photography, solar plate etching, photogravure printing and bookmaking

Group workshops and individual tuition are offered to artists and photographers with any level of experience. There are courses in photographic practice, from general technical knowledge to less common philosophical approaches, and courses in solar plate etching and photogravure printmaking from handmade drawings and photographic images.

Group workshops have a maximum of 4-5 participants to allow for individual time with tutors. Individual tuition allows for complete focus on one’s specific needs. The aim of all courses is to facilitate the learning of new skills and the development of existing craft through learning, inspiration and the sharing of ideas.

Our print studio facilities are fully equipped for solar plate etching, photogravure and digital inkjet printing. The workflows are calibrated to ensure accurate reproduction of tonal values, using UV light meters and PS adjustment curves for the solar-plate printing, or profiles and calibrated monitors for inkjet printing. There is a small indoor still-life/portrait studio equipped with lights, stands, backdrops, and there are numerous locations in the vicinity for outdoor photography and drawing. There is a diverse library of art books, mostly but not exclusively photographic, with quiet areas to read, reflect and relax.

The workshops are held at Casa da Cabaza, a boutique B&B located on the shores of a countryside lake in rural Galicia, north-western Spain. Charmingly renovated from an old stone farmhouse, it has 6 en-suite, private guest rooms, a large lounge/recreational room and lovely gardens. It is a peaceful, creative place, ideal for learning and developing new ideas and work. The food is delicious and healthy, mostly vegetarian, organic and locally sourced. Dietary requests can be accommodated if notified in advance.

International travel is served by Santiago and A Coruña airports in Galicia, and Porto airport in northern Portugal. Regionally, there is an excellent network of roads for private or public transport.


Solar plate etching and photogravure printmaking

with Tariq Dajani

Workshops are limited to 4 places and are suitable for participants with any level of experience

Solar-plate etching is a non-toxic process to print drawings and photographic images that produces results similar to traditional copper-plate etchings without the use of harmful chemicals. The result is a unique, hand-pulled print with a full range of tonal values and a beautiful textural feel.

For details see Solar plate etching & photogravure print making

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Still life from nature

with Eddie Ephraums and Tariq Dajani, Nov 9-14, 2018

6 days tuition and practice including course materials / 7 nights private, en-suite accommodation, all meals

Workshops are limited to 5 places and are suitable for participants with any level of experience

The course will explore the theory, history and practice of making still-life images, photographing 'found' objects both on location and in a still-life set-up in the studio. We will work with both daylight and artificial light, and finish by producing fine art inkjet prints and hand-stitched books.

Fee per person €2160

For further details contact Tariq

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Individual tuition / assisted etching and photogravure printmaking

with Tariq Dajani

Dates arranged on request

Individual tuition and assisted printing is offered for solar-plate etching and photogravure printmaking from hand-made drawings and photographic images. The participants may choose to learn and practice the complete workflow, from digital image file to final etching/gravure print, or they may choose to have the plates produced for them so they can concentrate on the actual inking and printing of their work.

For further details see Solar plate etching & photogravure printing