Group workshops and individual tuition are offered to artists and photographers with any level of experience, as each can proceed according to their own abilities. The aim is to facilitate the learning of new skills and the development of existing craft through learning, inspiration and the sharing of ideas.

Facilities include a print studio equipped for solar-plate etching, photogravure and digital inkjet printing, a small still-life/portrait studio equipped with lights and backdrops, and outdoor locations in the immediate vicinity for many kinds of creative approaches.

The workshops are held at Casa da Cabaza, a boutique B&B located on the shores of a countryside lake in north-western Spain. Charmingly renovated from an old stone farmhouse, it has 6 en-suite, private guest rooms, a large lounge/recreational room and lovely gardens. It is a peaceful, creative place, ideal for learning and developing new ideas and work. The food is delicious and healthy, mostly vegetarian, organic and locally sourced.


Solar-plate etching and photogravure printmaking

Solar-plate etching is a non-toxic process that produces results similar to traditional copper-plate etchings without the use of harmful chemicals.

You will learn how to etch drawings, photographic images or other suitable visual art onto solar-plates, which are then inked by hand and printed through a traditional etching press onto fine art papers. By producing a master printing plate, you will be able to create multiple, beautiful impressions of your work using classic oil-based etching inks on quality art paper. Due to the nature of the process, each hand-pulled print is a unique, tangible object with depth and a beautiful textural feel. In this age of mass digital printing, such a thing is very special.

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A Mindful Approach to Photographic Practice

Photography is a language that communicates in pictures. But the act of seeing the pictures is only a means to convey a message to a deeper place inside us. Your way of experiencing the world is unique to you. By making art you are trying to give a voice to this unique experience. To incorporate your true feelings that reflect who you are and what you wish to say, your voice needs to come from an authentic place inside you. It needs to evoke an emotional response in yourself, before it can truly communicate anything to anyone else.

The aim of this course is to introduce ideas and practices that will help you find that authentic creative place inside yourself to make strong photographic work with feeling and emotion. The course is a process of self-discovery and a personal artistic development that combines some elements of a spiritual retreat with those of a practical photographic workshop.

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