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Kitab al-Filaha, the Andalusia project

Based in the Alpujarra mountains of southern Spain, this project touches on the legacy of the Muslim civilization of al-Andalus over five hundred years ago in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry, recorded in the C12th book Kitāb al-Filāḥa (The Book of Agriculture) by Ibn al-‘Awwām al-Ishbili of Seville. Visually, the work was influenced by the still-life paintings of the Spanish masters (Cotán, Velasquez, Zurbarán and Goya) and the landscape photography of José Ortiz-Echagüe.

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Kitab al-Filaha, Casa Árabe, Córdoba, Spain


Kitab al-Filaha, Impact10, Santander, Spain

Kitab al-Filaha, Casa Árabe, Madrid, Spain


Kitab Al-Filaha & La Alpujarra, Biblioteca de Andalucia, Granada, Spain


Kitab al-Filaha, Jacaranda, Amman, Jordan

Prints and book

  • Photogravure prints, edition of 5

  • On the Edge of Forever, 2 volume book set in a box, photographs, essays, calligraphy. Pub. 2016, edition of 100 copies.

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