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"Drinkers of the Wind"  (عاشقو الرياح)

Portrait studies of the Arabian horse and the hunting falcon

“From the seed of the South Wind was the Arabian formed. Its forelock endowed with victory in battles, a rich spoil placed on its back and in its loins a treasure. It was gifted with flight without wings and predestined to be one of the glories on earth” 


Ancient legend of the Bedouin of Arabia

"Trained hawks have a peculiar ability to conjure history because they are in a sense immortal ... the birds we fly today are identical to those of five thousand years ago. Civilisations rise and fall, but the hawks stay the same. Falconry birds feel like relics from the past. You take a hawk onto your fist. You imagine the falconer of the past doing the same thing. It is hard not to feel it is the same bird." 


Helen Macdonald, H is for Hawk



"Drinkers of the Wind", Ahlam Gallery, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


"Drinkers of the Wind", Katara Arts Centre, Doha, Qatar 


"Drinkers of the Wind", Showcase Gallery, Dubai


"El Asil y El Noble", Kasser Rassu, Marbella, Spain


"Saqr, the hunting falcon", Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

An Eye for an Ear, Photography Open Salon, ChinaHouse, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia


"An Eye for an Ear", Photography Open Salon Arles, France


"Saqr, the hunting falcon", Jacaranda, Amman, Jordan


"Asil - the Arabian horse", The Empty Quarter, Dubai 

"Three Dimensions", National Museum, Bahrain, Manama


"Asil - the Arabian horse", Meydan, Dubai, U.A.E.

"Asil - the Arabian horse", Zara Centre/Jacaranda, Jordan

"Arabhästen", Galleri Hippo, Stockholm, Sweden

Prints and book

  • Fine art inkjet and photogravure prints

  • Asil, Portrait Studies of the Purebred Arabian, Medina Publisihing, 2012. Hardback, 32 colour plates.

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