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"Asil", Portrait Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse

Asil (أصيل) is an Arabic word signifying purity, nobility and authenticity that is used to refer to the purebred Arabian horse.

“From the seed of the South Wind was the Arabian formed. Its forelock endowed with victory in battles, a rich spoil placed on its back and in its loins a treasure. It was gifted with flight without wings and predestined to be one of the glories on earth” Ancient legend of the Bedouin of Arabia



Drinkers of the Wind, Katara Arts Centre, Doha, Qatar 


Drinkers of the Wind, Showcase Gallery, Dubai


El Asil y El Noble, Kasser Rassu, Marbella, Spain


Asil - the Arabian horse, The Empty Quarter, Dubai 

Three Dimensions, National Museum, Bahrain, Manama


Asil - the Arabian horse, Meydan, Dubai, U.A.E.

Asil - the Arabian horse, Zara Centre/Jacaranda, Jordan

Arabhästen, Galleri Hippo, Stockholm, Sweden

Prints and book

  • Giclée prints, photogravure prints

  • Asil, Portrait Studies of the Purebred Arabian, Medina Publisihing, 2012. Hardback, 32 colour plates.

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