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I was photographing another horse on location in a stable compound and I had to step right back and up to the door of a horse stall to get the shoot I needed. I was so focussed on what I was doing that I didn't realise there was a horse right behind me. Suddenly I felt a deep gentle breath in my ear and then a gentle nibble of my ear. I turned around to find this beautiful creature curiously engaging with me. What a lovely mare she was! So I wanted to take her portrait too, of course. And she gracefully gave me a lovely picture of her beauty, her calm dignity and gentleness. 

As with "Sheikha", I often feel that I don't take the picture, but rather that it is given to me. That is a precious thing!


SKU: SH194
PriceFrom €495.00
    • Medium 42x60cm (16"x25"), edition of 25
    • Large 84x120cm (33"x47"), edition of 10
    • Delivered unframed rolled up in a tube
    • 14 day return policy
    • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
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